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Are you looking for a safe, supervised lifestyle-based way to improve your health and fitness, control your weight, decrease stress and reduce factors that lead to diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, breast and colon cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases? You just found it.

Synergy Functional Training, Flexibility and Balance Program

Facts about Functional Training:

functional training program wayne NJ

  • Functional fitness training involves active movement skills including balance, coordination and agility and is sometimes called neuromotor exercise
  • Functional exercise involves smooth movements in all 3 planes of motion
  • The goal of functional training is to improve performance thorough coordinated movements
  • Functional exercises train your muscles to do everyday activities safely and easily
  • Functional exercise can also improve performance in sports
  • As part of a comprehensive program for older adults flexibility, balance and functional exercise can help reduce the risk of falls
  • Postural stability and balance can be improved with flexibility exercises
  • Flexibility exercises may reduce the risk of injury
  • Flexibility exercises improve joint range of motion

According to the American College of Sports Medicine:

  • Functional training is likely to be beneficial to all adults and athletes
  • Flexibility, balance and functional training exercise recommended 2-3 days a week for individuals over 65 years

The Synergy Functional Training, Flexibility and Balance Program in Wayne, NJ

program to safely increase flexibility and balance

  • Customized 1-on-1 program to fit your specific needs or sport
  • Kinesis equipment used for functional, sport and balance training allows 360 degrees of motion
  • FullGravity™ technology offers zero-impact exercises while allowing simultaneous strength, flexibility and balance training
  • Training of complete kinetic chains (groups of muscles) rather than single muscles
  • Golf, tennis and other sport conditioning programs available
  • Core strengthening program available
  • Flexibility training programs use award winning Technogym FLEXability equipment with a patented SELFLEX system that allows you to control the extent of muscle stretching avoiding possible injury
  • Integrated feedback system accurately measures your progress
  • May be combined with other Synergy programs
  • Appropriate and customized for all age groups

Benefits of Functional Training

  • Improves agility
  • Improves balance
  • Improves muscle strength
  • Decreases risk of falls
  • Reduces injury
  • Improves sports performance