Exercise Really Can Be the Best Medicine.

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Are you looking for a safe, supervised lifestyle-based way to improve your health and fitness, control your weight, decrease stress and reduce factors that lead to diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, breast and colon cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases? You just found it.

No Matter Which Program You Choose At Synergy Fitness & Wellness…
We’re With You Every Step Of The Way!

  • Our Synergy Programs have medical oversight to ensure safety
  • All of our Synergy programs are customized around your medical and orthopedic conditions
  • At Synergy Fitness & Wellness your lifestyle is taken into account when developing your program
  • Our strength training program uses Metabolic Resistance Training techniques to maximize your results in a minimum amount of time
  • Your cardio-aerobic exercise program is individually designed based on your exercise metabolism assessment
  • All of your exercise sessions are supervised by our professional certified staff to be sure you are safely and correctly performing the exercises and making progress
  • Our Medical Director can communicate with your doctor about your progress
  • Our certified exercise specialists modify all exercises to accommodate your physical needs
  • All nutrition and weight loss meal plans are created by a Registered Dietician
  • Our medically supervised weight loss program follows all the guidelines outlined by the American Heart Association and The Obesity Society and is endorsed by the American Society for Nutrition and the American Society of Hypertension
  • All of your exercise sessions are schedule by appointment only to provide you with time efficiency and accountability
  • Our Wellness Center has been designed to be inviting and refined so you will feel comfortable and welcome
synergy lifestlye fitness program wayne nj

Synergy Lifestyle Fitness Program

Integrated program of strength training, cardio-aerobic and flexibility exercises customized to your current assessment of fitness and any orthopedic and medical conditions

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Synergy Weight Loss Program

Comprehensive medically supervised weight management program including customized meal plans and supervised exercise based on your resting and exercise metabolism testing

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Synergy Executive Fitness Program

Taking care of business starts with taking care of your body: when you’re healthy, you have more energy and focus to perform both at work and at home.

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Synergy Corporate Wellness Program

Synergy Corporate Wellness Program

A strong organization starts with healthy employees - Synergy Wellness is dedicated to helping your workforce achieve wellness to improve health, performance, focus, and quality of life!

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Learn More About This Program
weight loss program for teenagers wayne NJ

Synergy Teen Program

Our Teen program keeps teens fit, helps them manage their weight and body composition, improves focus and self-esteem and teaches lifelong fitness & wellness skills.

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Learn More About This Program
fitness for cancer survivors

Synergy Cancer Survivor Fitness Program

Cancer survivors have unique fitness needs - following a medically supervised wellness plan will improve your quality of life & decrease your chances of recurrence!

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back pain relief fitness program nj

Back Pain Program

Specialized training program to decrease painful back pain and improve your overall health

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